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|  |-Avaceratops lammersi
|     |
|     |-Centrosaurini
|     |  |-Centrosaurus apertus
|     |  |-Centrosaurus cutleri
|     |  |-Styracosaurus albertensis
|     |  |-Styracosaurus ovatus
|     |  |-Styracosaurus sphenocerus
|     |
|     |-Pachyrhinosaurini
|        |-Brachyceratops montanensis
|        |-Monoclonius crassus
|        |-Monoclonius fissus
|        |-Monoclonius recurvicornis
|           |
|           |-Einiosaurus procurvicornis
|              |
|              |-Achelousaurus horneri
|                 |
|                 |-Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis
   |  |-Chasmosaurus belli
   |  |-Chasmosaurus canadensis
   |  |-Chasmosaurus mariscalensis
   |  |-Chasmosaurus russelli
   |  |-Pentaceratops sternbergi
   |  |-?Ceratops montanus
   |-Anchiceratops ornatus
      |-Arrhinoceratops brachyops
         |-Torosaurus latus
            |-Diceratops hatcheri
            |-Triceratops horridus
            |-Triceratops prorsus
            |-Triceratops albertensis
            |-Triceratops alticornis
            |-Triceratops eurycephalus
            |-Triceratops maximus
            |-Triceratops sulcatus
            |-Triceratops ingens

Centrosaurids were from 5-6 metres long, and had a very varied spectre in horns on the face, and
the frill. Centrosaurus had a slightly curved horn on the snout, and two flattened horns "hanging" down from
the top of the frill. Styracosaurus had a tall horn on the snout, and 6 horns on the frill.
Einiosaurus had a horn on the snout, and two horns on the frill, Achelousaurus had a broad
horn-base (like in a rhinoceros skull), and two horns on the wrill, while Pachyrhinosaurus had a huge
horn-base on the snout, a little horn jutting straight up midways on the frill, and two horns turning to each
side on the top of the frill.

Ceratopines were more pattern following: One horn on the snout, and one on each brow.
Torosaurus is known to have the biggest head ever known, measuring over 2 metres, with frill.

It has been suggested that ceratopids were mostly herbivores, but that they wouldnt turn down a rotting
corpse of read juicy meat - but this is speculation based on comparations with pigs.




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